I very rarely use tumblr these days but here are a few pictures of Emma graduating on my Facebook feed in case you lovely people are interested. (I go to college there so my wall is riddled with these!)

natalie dormer photographed by chris floyd for esquire, october 2013

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yeah so i met smeone from the glee project last night did i mention i love brown?????

I love college and America ‘YEAH FROSH’ is the funniest saying ever

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fact: everybody at Brown is HOT

Do you really go to Brown? I'm really interested in applying there! How do you like it so far? Or is it too soon to say?

yeah i moved in two days ago it’s INSANE like i thought i’d feel so old but everyone is from like the uk and we drink out of red cups and stuff, i’ll let you know once i’ve seen it i guess…. x

what college do you go to? :)

brown university ddddxxxxxx

i’m laughing so hard american college is exactly how it is in movies i have been here one night ONE NIGHT and i have played beerpong with red solo cups AND seen some lesbians making out on the hood of a car

Little Miss Sunshine

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Behind the scenes of Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue

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This is the same man.

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