i got chills they’re multiplyin

darren’s love note, in translation

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australian adverts are slowly becoming my favourite

How does Moses make his tea? Hebrews it.

so i just transferred to a new school and i decided i love it

in the middle of history a guy pointed a finger at the head girl and yelled EXTERMINATE she then very calmly drew the deathly hallows on her wrists and said he couldn’t kill her because she was the master of death

Tumblr embedded version of Darren’s pre-Imogene video

if any one of you gets famous i hope you realise i’m never letting you get over the fact that you once followed me

Darren Criss tries to put a microphone on its stand, fails, and resigns himself to a life of failure.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, gets stuck on a zip wire at Olympic Event

A spokesman for the mayor said: “The mayor has survived his first zip wire experience relatively unscathed.

Clearly the judges are likely to have marked the mayor down for artistic impression, and unlike team GB, the mayor may not be winning too many Gold medals today.

He does however remain unbowed.” (x)