Selena leaving an office building in California covered by an orange blanket 

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Peter Dinklage with his Daughter in NYC

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One Day More flashmob in the middle of an engineering test. The professor is not amused.




everyone is embarrassed of their fourteen year old self trust me if you’re fourteen right now you will regret whatever it is that you are doing at this moment

What, being a SuperWhoLockian, Tumblrian, and just being generally pretty good? I don’t think so.

screenshot this and look at it in 3 years

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For christmas I wished for Stephen Fry and as we were eating our christmas dinner my dad made me go outside and back in and this is what I met


A Sandy Success Story…

  Well done, sir.  Well done.

If you needed an excuse NOT to vote for Romney, here it is.

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aw totes presh

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brazil is hosting in four years

let’s hope those borderline harassment trending topics pay off and justin bieber, selena gomez, miley cyrus and one direction finally make those appearances

corniest joke ever, i’m sorry in advance.


Kurt:  Ugh, this geography homework is the worst.

Blaine:  Can I help?  I could quiz you or something.

Kurt:  Sure, take my notecards.

Blaine:  Okay, what’s Tehran the capital of?

Kurt:  Um…

Blaine:  You know this.

Kurt:  Um… shoot, it’s right on the tip of my tongue.

Blaine:  Starts with an I…

Kurt:  I dunno.  Is it Iraq?


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hey baby is your name winter because you’ll be coming soon



do you ever look at your url and think “i am so glad that i have this url. i deserve this url” 

but this has so many notes and there are people called, like, ‘-time-l0rd-space-and-timeinthetardis’ and ‘sexy-benedicts-cumberbatchings-’ reblogging it and let’s be real, you guys have the Tumblr username equivalent of a tub of Neapolitan ice cream once your entire family’s eaten the good flavours

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