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4/25 damon and elena scenes (in no specific order) ✘ heart of darkness

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Delena Book Quotes

Damon wasn’t the sentimental type - even when he got on his “Princess of the Night” soapbox. The rose probably had something to do with their journey.

“Don’t you like it?” Damon said. Elena might be imagining it, but it almost sounded as if he were disappointed. 

“Of course I like it. What’s it for?”

Damon settled back. “It’s for you, Princess,” he said, looking hurt. “Don’t worry; I didn’t steal it.”

No - he wouldn’t have stolen it. Elena knew exactly how he would have gotten the rose… but it was so pretty…

As she still made no move to take the rose, Damon lifted it and allowed the cool, silky-feeling petals to caress her cheek.


“A rose for a kiss, then?” he asked.

-Shadow Souls

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