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here is a list of my favourite youtubers mainly for marianne but also if anyone else wants some recommendations!!!!! they’re mainly people who vlog or make sketches but there’s a few educational and beauty channels thrown in too:

i bolded my absolute favourites also this is longer than expected i’m not sorry they’re all fabulouso

how to access thepiratebay in the uk

most of the top UK internet service providers have now blocked thepiratebay. here are some ways to circumvent the block:

another great (and popular) torrent site that has not been blocked is kick ass torrents

list of good things about this summer

(this is mostly for personal reference but i mean if you wanna be nosy GO AHEAD come in)

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→Vote for Grant and Vanessa as the Golden Remotes 2012 Breakout Stars


Glee Yearbook Superlatives Vol. 3

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Behind The Glee: Goodbye

Glee Season 3 720p Logoless Torrent Downloads



I’ve uploaded these myself so hopefully they’ll work out. They’re going to be slow until enough people start using them and people other than me start seeding them. 

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They’re now all logoless and the list is complete. 

76,381 plays


Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (Glee Cast Version)


‘Nationals’ Stills


‘Props’ stills

177,011 plays


Edge of Glory (Glee Cast Version)


Glee 3x19 - “Prom-A-Saurus” Promo (HD)

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