Dianna and Michael improvising.

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The Best Glee Project Interview Ever:

  • Sam is an alien who washes his dreads with vinegar
  • Damian speaks American again and does an impression of Alex
  • Alex hits Damian with a pillow. Twice.
  • Lindsay has a mancrush on Zach.
  • Damian has a girlfriend called Jenna.
  • Who is actually called Christopher.
  • Damian is gay.
  • Damian “trust me, is not gay”
  • Damian is bi
  • Damian is not bi
  • Lindsay enjoys watching Hannah stretch
  • Damian interviews Cameron
  • Damian is Cameron’s “baby”
  • Ze End.

I’m so looking forward to everyone freaking out over Damian.

When he won’t just be from the Glee Project, trying to make it - He’ll be on glee. And we’ll see cast photos of his bromances with the cast and we’ll get to make up ship names for his character. And then if we ever ship him with anyone we’ll just use the word irish¬†and another actor’s name. We’ll all get excited over clips of him in promos and we’ll want to know what’ll happen with his character. And when he’ll get to kiss the girls and when we’ll all start to gif the shit out of him. I’m just looking forward to him being an actual part of the cast.